"....REMARKABLE IMAGES.... each work is absolutely unique (and therefore it is appropriate that many of them have a purity of content suggesting something rare and precious)... This viewer certainly felt a strong painterly bias in many of the works with fleeting references to works by such abstract painters as de Konning and Poons."

" It is the mixture of these elements of chance, mystery and harmonious counterpoint that contribute to making Riggs’ images so different from those by photographers who simply abstract of distort aspects of the real world. Instead of being surreal, it is supra-real, revealing through reversal and concentration the underlying structures of fragments of ordinary surfaces. Grasping the whole of the actual (11" x 14") surface, the images have a pristine wholeness which is invigorating and enlightening."

-- Eric Zafran, Associate Curator of European Art,
The Museum of Fine Arts Boston, Massachusetts, USA


"The progression from photographs on paper to drawings on paper led Riggs to the direct use, without photography, of pastel, gouache, charcoal and other media... they are rawly expressionistic and emotional, recalling the scratches and scrawls of his black and white photographs. The strength of these works lies in the juxtapositions of color... and shapes that allude to motion. The Artist emphasizes that they are about an ongoing experimentation with light and color.

--Katherine Duncan, Executive Director of the Hot Springs Art Center, Hot Springs, Hot Springs, Arkansas, USA


"...Images which are elegant, lyrical and meditative... Riggs uses the disorientation caused by the direct negative technique to create a meditative space free from photography’s imitation of reality... The photographic in the precision of rendering and the directness of the paper negative, but they arise from a way of seeing which is based upon the precepts of abstract painting... Riggs’ photographs share a similarity of content with (Cy) Twombly’s paintings of the early 1960’s"

--John Bloom, Photo Metro
San Francisco, California, USA


"Riggs sensitive eye captures significant abstract form... Riggs is not the first person to use a camera as a tool to produces abstract images, but he is visually selective to a refined degree. His pictures have a fine delicacy and balance."

--W.C. Burnett, Atlanta Journal
Atlanta, Georgia, USA


"A group of Wayne Riggs’ photographs on exhibit at Frog Prince Gallery presents exquisite examples of closely seen urban details.... Riggs’ images offer a decorative, provocative approach to the urban landscape.... they rest in the delicate balance between strong visual statement and interpretive nuance."

--Marna C. Graham, Artweek
San Francisco, California, USA


"....Substance and motion animate Wayne Riggs’ geometric forms... Riggs wields wedge and box-shaped forms endowed with the illusion of dimension. He (Riggs) merges the early Abstractionists’ interest in static shapes with the have-at-it attitude of the later abstract expressionists... The basis of Riggs’ achievement is the subtle play of tensions - between amorphous and the defined, between illusion and abstraction, between motion and stasis."

--Chuck Twardy, Orlando Sentinel
Orlando, Florida, USA