1976 Fine Arts Photography and Cinema Bachelor of Science Southern Illinois University Carbondale, Illinois
1977 Ralph Gibson Workshop Nexus Contemporary Art Center Atlanta, Georgia
1978 Conservation and Care (Works on
Paper and Photographic Materials
by Anne Clapp and Jose Orraca)
North Carolina Museum of Art Raleigh, North Carolina

Born in Los Angeles, California USA, 1949

US Navy Radio Communications, E5 Transmitters/Controller (1968 - 1972)

Raised in Iowa and after the military service (Vietnam veteran) returned to receive a degree in fine arts Photography. He moved to Atlanta, Georgia in 1977. He worked there for 12 years. In the fall and winter of 1986-87, Mr. Riggs went to France to paint, returning to Atlanta in the spring. He moved to Florida in 1988 where he lived and worked until 1991, whereupon he returned to France and after a short stay moved to Rome, Italy after 8 years there he then moved to Ladispoli outside of Rome by the sea and in 2003 returned to the States due to illness. Today, Mr. Riggs lives in Raleigh North Carolina.